New to Bangalore?

Are you thinking what to do in here? We’ve got a list for you!

Go on a food walk

Bangalore is home to a diverse set of migrated people from every nook and corner of the country. Whenever people migrate, they bring along part of their culture and along with it, the food. For instance, Madiwala is famous for Kerala cuisine and special chai. There are certain areas in the city specially marked for food walks. One such place is VV Puram. You can binge on all kinds of authentic south Indian food here like Idlis, Dosas, Paddu, Kodu Bale, Bangalore special Gobi, etc. Along with these, you can also savor different kinds of Pani Puris and chats, Pav Bhaji, deserts, Ice-creams and what not. The list is endless.


Attending meetups based on different activities is a great way to start off with any city, let alone Bangalore. There are interesting meetups happening all the time which can connect your passion to new friendships. For instance, if you are an artist, you can attend meetups based on freestyle painting. If you are a fitness freak, you can join one of the marathon or cycling clubs. If you are a nerd, you can find numerous meetups related to different technologies like Android, Java, Cloud, and whatnot. The number and kind of meetups are directly proportional to people’s passions.

Weekend Trips treks

One thing that strikes you when you are in Bangalore is, people here travel a lot. Such is the location of Bangalore on India’s map that plenty of amazing destinations are just a few hours of journey from the city. The best of places like Gokarna, Coorg, Dandeli, Hampi, Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur, Ooty, Pondicherry, Wayanad and Kodachadri are all within reach. Obviously weekends are a chance for everyone to escape from the city’s noise, pollution, and traffic. Weekend trips or treks are also a great way to make new friendships. Nothing connects people better than travel. Muddie Trails is easily one of the best travel organizers in Bangalore.

Day treks

If longer journeys aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of hills around Bangalore within 100 Km radius. Places like Kunti Betta, Makalidurga, Skandagiri, Uttari Betta, Madhugiri attract trekking enthusiasts. Many trekking groups organize day treks or night treks to offbeat places. Since they are treks, you won’t get the usual tourist crowd there. If you are an aspiring traveler, nothing better than starting with day trips joined by other like-minded travelers.

Play Board games

We all think games are two types. First are online games like NFS, and second is outdoor sports like Cricket, Shuttle, etc. But that’s not it. There is a third category called Board games that are becoming popular by the day. Bangalore is home to enthusiastic communities of board gamers who frequently meetup to play interesting real-world games. Popular among them include Poker, Mafia, Pandemic, Secret Hitler, and Settlers of Catan. These meetups are also great for socializing. You should put your thinking cap on as many of these games are strategy-based and can be very addictive.


This is for people who would like to give something back to society. Bangalore has many skill-based NGOs who work in diverse areas like skill development, knowledge sharing, leadership training, Health, etc. For instance, Akshaya Patra is a non-profit organization working in the Food and Education space. You can join shelters meant for orphans to contribute for a good cause. One such shelter is the Nijarava foundation where you can support underprivileged children by teaching English, Maths, and other subjects. If you are an animal lover, there is a community called Peoples For Animals who are into protecting and rehabilitating injured non-domesticated animals like Monkeys, Birds, Mongoose, etc.

Long drives

Love hanging out? Then Bangalore is the place to be. If you have your buddy or your mini-gang for the company, you can go on a long drive to one of the famous chill-out places on the outskirts of the city. First among them is Rasta Cafe on Mysore Road famous for its Hookah and delicious food. Then we have a long drive to Bengaluru International Airport towards North Bangalore that has a surprisingly nice ambiance and good restaurants to dine out. You need not go to Arrivals or Departures. Instead, you can park your vehicle and take a stroll around. Finally we have Bangaloreans go-to pastime, a sunrise drive to Nandi Hills. Nothing better than starting your day with a refreshing sunrise among the clouds. Driving to these places itself is worthwhile either by Bike or your Car. What they offer is something of a bonus.

Pub hop

Do you know Bangalore is called the Pub capital of India? The area of Brigade Road and Church Street with alluring pubs, exotic restaurants, and the colorful crowd is the best place to experience the nightlife of Bangalore, especially on the weekends. Treat the party animal in you by eating, drinking, and dancing your way into the night. If your best friend is visiting you from your hometown, there is no better place to take him/her in Bangalore than MG Road. The best way to reach these places is by taking a metro. This way you can avoid mad traffic and also need not drive after getting high.

Stroll around parks

Bangalore was once called the Garden City of India. Though greenery has considerably reduced owing to infrastructure development, there are still a handful of areas in the city that are a feast for the eyes. Famous among them are Cubbon Park, Lalbagh, Indira Gandhi musical fountain, and Bannerghatta National Park. You can either go for a refreshing morning walk or take a leisurely evening stroll. If you love your privacy, just put your headphones on with your favorite songs, lie flat on a lush green garden, and zone out. The pleasant climate of Bangalore throughout the year is surely going to make you feel at home.

Explore the Markets

Being a bustling metro city, Bangalore has no shortage of colorful shopping malls and busy markets. Whether it is sandals or clothes or jewelry, you will get everything from the world’s biggest brands to street vendors selling similar items for a dirt-cheap price. it’s totally up to your bargaining skills to get what you want. If you are looking for high standards, you can visit UP City or Indira Nagar 100 Feet Road. If you are on a tight budget, places like Chickpet and Commercial Street are tailor-made for you. If you wish to just time pass, you can indulge in a good amount of window shopping at Garuda Mall, Brigade Road, or Mantri Mall. Most of these places are located in the heart of the city, well connected with metro and city buses.

Do you think of anything else to add in the list? Let us know in comments!

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