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Why Muddie Trails

Muddie Trails (MT) organizes offbeat trips and treks that are tailored to quench your thirst for wanderlust.

Fun and Care

Travel is fun with Muddie Trails. We sing we dance, we socialize and we make noise. We believe your time is precious, life is short and you travel to set yourself free. We do not want to restrict you too much during travel. We try our best to provide the best food and stay, Organizers who can entertain you, and at the same time, take care of you. We do respect the rules of the land, show care towards mother nature and make sure we leave no trace of ourselves after we left the place.

Pretty and Offbeat

Crowd. There’s plenty of crowd in our Cities. You travel to escape the crowd, pollution, and the chaos. We at Muddie Trails realize this basic need and try to handpick offbeat and untouched places in our backpacking trips that are usually not thronged by tourists. The itineraries are mainly curated around pretty and less-known places, with more famous places used as fillers.

Relax and Don’t rush

We don’t want to strain you too much on your holiday. After all, you have to go back and work after your trip. Our schedules are designed to be lite without rushing and squeezing in too many places in limited time. While we usually prefer leisure trips, based on your needs, we also attempt tougher weekend treks and hikes every now and then. Remember the quote – the harder the climb the better the view!

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Different kinds of Travel offered by MT

Fixed Departure Weekend Trips

We all wait for Fridays ain’t we?
With busy schedules, pollution, high-pressure jobs, and monotonous routines, our biological clocks are slowly getting tuned to eagerly wait for those much needed weekends to relax, detox, breathe fresh air, have some fun and re-energize for the next week.

With weekend trips of Muddie Trails you can travel, hike, trek, camp, explore beautiful destinations, get outdoors, immerse in nature, do some adventure, socialize, make new friendships, create those small memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

Coorg-long-weekend-special trip from Bangalore

Day Treks

If you aren’t interested in spending a night outdoors or don’t have time for a full weekend, day treks are the best for you. MT organizes day trips/treks for Bangalore and Pune as of now, which are blessed with many mountains and waterfalls within a 100 Km radius. The hunt is on to add similar destinations for Hyderabad and Chennai.

Your Own Trips

If you already have a group of people, travel is just at your fingertips. MT already has itineraries ready for multiple destinations, thanks to fixed departure trips (above section. Based on your wish and budget, we can curate and customize those trips for you. All you need to do is to contact one of our numbers given below and explain your requirement.

Corporate Trips

If you are an HR manager, Team Lead or Peoples manager looking for a Team Outing that can develop a bond, a sense of togetherness between your team members, MT is here to help you achieve your goal. Fewer things in the world connect people than Travel. Whether you wish to realize Team outings to different destinations in the shoe string budget or looking for a bit of luxury, we are here to help you.

Himalayan Backpacking Trips

There are plenty of websites and organizers operating out of Himalayas. Too many options can sometimes confuse us. Usually one needs to do a lot of research, get in touch with organizers, book, and plan travel to the trip starting point. To avoid this long process, MT organizes fixed departure backpacking trips or custom trips to the mighty mountains in all seasons. Whether it is Uttarakhand, Himachal, Ladakh, or North East, we have them all for you.

Another confusion with the Himalayas is, where to travel in which season. While we hand-pick destinations based on the best time to travel there, most importantly for fixed departures, MT will always have an Organizer traveling from mainland India to look after travelers’ needs and schedule along with our experienced and certified local organizers in the Himalayas.


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