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Gokarna Private Beaches Camping
2 days

Gokarna Private Beach Trek & Camping | Bangalore

Gokarna is a great place for an offbeat beach trip with white sand beaches, pine/coconut trees, camping/shacks, beach trek, beautiful fort, pristine waterfalls, and gigantic caves. A weekend trip to…

Leh Ladakh Road Trip
6 days

The Leh Ladakh Road Trip

The Leh Ladakh Road Trip This road trip takes you on a once in a lifetime journey to Ladakh, a land of fascinating peaks, barren landscapes and snow-clad mountains.

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Why Muddie Trails

Fun filled, offbeat trips to refresh your mind and body!

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Fun and Care

Travel is fun with Muddie Trails. We sing we dance, we socialize and we make noise. We believe your time is precious, life is short and you travel to set yourself free. We do not want to restrict you too much during travel. We try our best to provide the best food and stay, Organizers who can entertain you, and at the same time, take care of you. We do respect the rules of the land, show care towards mother nature and make sure we leave no trace of ourselves after we left the place.

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Pretty and Offbeat

Crowd. There’s plenty of crowd in our Cities. You travel to escape the crowd, pollution, and the chaos. We at Muddie Trails realize this basic need and try to handpick offbeat and untouched places in our backpacking trips that are usually not thronged by tourists. The itineraries are mainly curated around pretty and less-known places, with more famous places used as fillers.

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Relax and Don’t rush

We don’t want to strain you too much on your holiday. After all, you have to go back and work after your trip. Our schedules are designed to be lite without rushing and squeezing in too many places in limited time. While we usually prefer leisure trips, based on your needs, we also attempt tougher weekend treks and hikes every now and then. Remember the quote - the harder the climb the better the view!

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Hampi Hippie Island Camping trip


The grand old “lost city” of Hampi, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site is both flamboyant as well as laid back in its demeanor. A weekend trip to Hampi is every traveler's delight.

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