Rajashree Rajagopalan
Rajashree Rajagopalan
I went on a trip with friends to Coorg Trails With Coffee Estate Stay trip organised by Muddie Trails last weekend. This was our first group trip with strangers & it was absolutely great!😍 Our trip leaders - Sagarika & Vaibhavi were very kind & made us feel comfortable throughout the trip. All the places to visit promised in the trip description were met & affordable for a weekend gateway. In a nutshell, #muddietrails is awesome & considerate! We enjoyed thoroughly!😁
srishti sanghi
srishti sanghi
Had an amazing experience on the trek. The trek leads, Nandini and Akanksha made sure that we were comfortable and safe.
subham makharia
subham makharia
Had a wonderful experience.
Yogesh C
Yogesh C
New experience with totally new people, wouldn't have had this much fun if had gone solo. Good I choose muddie trails.
Deepa G
Deepa G
It was an amazing weekend trip with Muddie trails. Right from pickup to drop back each minute things were took care very well by the group leaders Nandini and AKanksha. The home stay was very homely and felt beyond comfortable. We had no network for an entire day, our group leaders never let us feel bored as they engaged us in various activities It was my first solo travel with a group of strangers and to my surprise I never felt I was with strangers. Must mention special thanks to Nandini and Akanksha for making each of us feel comfortable and safe. Thanks to Muddie trials for organising everything. Full marks to their stay and food arrangements 🙂 Overall, it was worth travelling solo and will plan in future as well. Trip location - Agumbe.
I recently went on an amazing group trip to Agumbe organized by Muddietrails, and it was simply fantastic! They took care of everything, making the whole experience comfortable and fun. The place we stayed in was really nice, cozy, and surrounded by nature's beauty. We did so many exciting things like hiking, exploring beautiful waterfalls, and watching the stunning sunset from a special spot. Muddietrails really knows how to plan a great trip and they made sure we had a wonderful time. The best part was meeting new people and making wonderful memories together. If you're looking for a fun and nature-filled group trip, I highly recommend Muddietrails. They will give you an unforgettable experience that you'll always remember with a big smile.
rani pasannavar
rani pasannavar
Thank you Muddie trails for organizing wonderful trip to kodaikanal.!! you guys are really amazing 😊 Thank you Kush Chandawat, for hosting our kodai trip, your energy spirit & enthusiasm was awesome, you managed to make sure that everyone is comfortable during this trip and you as our host made this journey still wonderful..Thank you so much🙂 Thanks team for arranging such delightful homestay..it was really good and they served us tasty food. Thanks to our TT driver Hanumantha. Team covered all the iternary mentioned in the list and also we had lot of fun throughout our journey..🤗 Would like to go on many more trips, treks with Muddie team.. will recommend my friends to choose muddie trails team for their next trip. Thank you Kush and team for wonderful trip 🙂🤗
paro s
paro s
This is my first ever solo trekking to a hill station named Kodaikanal and I am happy that I made this decision. Place was amazing, pleasant weather, evening drizzle, serene lake, street shopping, warm bonfire, good food & comfortable hygienic stay at the homestay( only thing you might end up buying few bottles of packaged drinking water). However, lucky enough to find mostly happy and curious faces around me..my trip was well planned and executed by our trip leader Khush! Please make sure to put more time into brisk walking or jogging before joining this trip as we might have to walk up the slopes. Rest assured you will be bringing back few good memories home!!

4.8🌟 based on 2000+ reviews, 10000+ happy travellers, experience of 5+ years. We are not perfect, but we always give our best 😇

Bangalore One day Treks

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Gudibande Fort Trek

1Oct 6AM –  1Oct 4PM

Oct 1st Weekend Treks
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7Oct 3:30PM –  7Oct 6:30PM

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Dudhsagar Trek

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Dudhsagar Trek (Friday to Sunday)
Dudhsagar Trek (Saturday to Monday)

Bangalore Weekend Trips

Trip LinkDate – Time
Chikmagalur Trails with Coffee Estate stay30 SEP 10PM – 2 Oct 10PM
Agumbe Trip with Malpe, Maravanthe Beaches 6Oct 9PM – 9Oct 6AM
Gokarna Beach Trek with Camping, Vibhooti, Yana 6Oct 8PM – 9Oct 6AM
Dandeli Trip with Honnavar & Murudeshwar 6Oct 8PM – 9Oct 6AM
Chikmagalur Trails with Coffee Estate stay 6Oct 10PM – 8Oct 10PM
Agumbe Trip with Malpe, Maravanthe Beaches 13Oct 9PM – 16Oct 6AM
Gokarna Beach Trek with Vibooti, Yana 13Oct 8PM – 16Oct 6AM
Coorg Backpacking Trip 13Oct 10PM – 15Oct 10PM
Hampi Trip with Hippie Island 13Oct 10PM – 16Oct 5AM
Wayanad Backpacking Trip 13Oct 10PM – 16Oct 12AM
The Grand Canyon of India Gandikota with Belum Caves 13Oct 10PM – 15Oct 10PM
Agumbe Trip with Malpe, Maravanthe Beaches 20Oct 9PM – 23Oct 6AM
Gokarna Beach Trek with Camping, Vibhooti, Yana 20Oct 8PM – 23Oct 6AM
Dandeli Trip with Honnavar & Murudeshwar 20Oct 8PM – 23Oct 6AM
Munnar Trip with Tea Estate Camping 20Oct 7PM – 23Oct 8AM
Scuba Diving Trip to Malvan with Water Sports 20Oct 8PM – 23Oct 7AM
Kodaikanal Trip with Vattakanal 20Oct 8PM – 23Oct 7AM
Agumbe Trip with Malpe, Maravanthe Beaches 27Oct 9PM – 30Oct 6AM
Gokarna Beach Trek with Camping, Vibhooti, Yana 27Oct 8PM – 30Oct 6AM
Chikmagalur Trails with Coffee Estate stay 27Oct 10PM – 29Oct 10PM
Wayanad Backpacking Trip 27Oct 10PM – 30Oct 12AM
Gokarna Beach Trek with Vibooti, Yana 3Nov 8PM – 6Nov 6AM
Coorg Backpacking Trip 3Nov 10PM – 5Nov 10PM
Dandeli Trip with Honnavar & Murudeshwar 3Nov 8PM – 6Nov 6AM
Munnar Trip with Tea Estate Camping 3Nov 7PM – 6Nov 8AM
Kodaikanal Trip with Vattakanal 3Nov 8PM – 6Nov 7AM
Agumbe Trip with Malpe, Maravanthe Beaches 10Nov 9PM – 13Nov 6AM
Gokarna Beach Trek with Camping, Vibhooti, Yana 10Nov 8PM – 13Nov 6AM
Hampi Trip with Hippie Island 10Nov 10PM – 13Nov 5AM
Wayanad Backpacking Trip 10Nov 10PM – 13Nov 12AM
Sakleshpur Trip With Coffee Estate Camping10Nov 10PM – 12Nov 10PM

Hyderabad Weekend Trips

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Mumbai Weekend Trips

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Why Muddie Trails

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Fun and Care

Travel is fun with Muddie Trails. We sing we dance, we socialize and we make noise. We believe your time is precious, life is short and you travel to set yourself free. We do not want to restrict you too much during travel. We try our best to provide the best food and stay, Organizers who can entertain you, and at the same time, take care of you. We do respect the rules of the land, show care towards mother nature and make sure we leave no trace of ourselves after we left the place.

Pretty and Offbeat

Crowd. There’s plenty of crowd in our Cities. You travel to escape the crowd, pollution, and the chaos. We at Muddie Trails realize this basic need and try to handpick offbeat and untouched places in our backpacking trips that are usually not thronged by tourists. The itineraries are mainly curated around pretty and less-known places, with more famous places used as fillers.

Relax and Don’t rush

We don’t want to strain you too much on your holiday. After all, you have to go back and work after your trip. Our schedules are designed to be lite without rushing and squeezing in too many places in limited time. While we usually prefer leisure trips, based on your needs, we also attempt tougher weekend treks and hikes every now and then. Remember the quote – the harder the climb the better the view!