Everything About Hampi’s Hippie Island!

Exploring the History of Hippie Island:

When you visit Hampi, you’ll find two different worlds. One side boasts ancient buildings and temples steeped in history, while the other, known as Virupapur village or Hippie Island, offers a more chilled-out vibe.

Hippie Island is a hotspot for backpackers who love its relaxed atmosphere and stunning views. You can stay in simple huts, indulge in a mix of Indian and Western cuisine, and spend your days lounging by the river. It’s a place that instantly makes you feel connected. If you’ve already delved into the historic wonders of Hampi, don’t forget to explore the laid-back charm of Hippie Island.

Getting to Hippie Island?

If you’re planning to visit Hippie Island, here’s how you can get there easily:

By Air: Hampi doesn’t have its own airport, so the nearest one is in Hubli, about 150 km away. Once you land there, you’ll need to arrange for a taxi to take you to Hippie Island.

By Train: Hampi doesn’t have a railway station either. The closest one is in Hospet, approximately 12 km away. Trains from Mysore and Bangalore go directly to Hospet. From Hospet, you can take a tuk-tuk or a local bus to Hampi. Then, to reach Hippie Island, you can hop on a motorboat for a quick 7-minute ride or take a coracle for a 15-minute journey.

By Road: If you prefer traveling by road, you can take a bus from Bangalore to Hospet. There are both government and private buses available. Once you reach Hospet, you can catch a local bus or hire a taxi/auto-rickshaw to get to Hampi. It’s only about 13 kilometers away. From Hampi, head to the area where you cross the Tungabhadra River to reach Hippie Island. You can choose between a motorboat or a coracle ride to complete your journey.

The Best Time To Visit Hippie Island:

Thinking about when to plan your trip to Hippie Island? Here’s a glimpse of what each season might offer:

Summer Season: Summer on Hippie Island is like stepping into a vibrant, laid-back paradise. Imagine a place buzzing with energy, filled with colourful characters lounging on hammocks, strumming guitars, and dancing by the waves. Bonfires under the starry sky, sharing tales and laughter – it’s a season of pure bliss and connection to nature.

Winter Season: When winter arrives, Hippie Island transforms into a cozy retreat. Picture yourself in rustic cabins, surrounded by the scent of incense and the warmth of crackling fires. It’s a time for quiet introspection, creativity, and embracing the simplicity of nature’s beauty.

Monsoon Season: Monsoon brings a magical touch to Hippie Island. Lush greenery bursts to life, raindrops sparkle on leaves, and the air is filled with the aroma of spices. Cozy gatherings in bamboo huts, sipping hot chai and sharing stories, create a sense of rejuvenation and renewal. The monsoon rains cleanse both the island’s landscape and the souls of its visitors.

Exploring Hippie Island!

Watching the Sunset: Catching the sunset from the rocky mountain on Hippie Island is a magical experience. The sunsets at Hampi are simply breathtaking, painting the sky with vibrant colors. Head to Sunset Hill for the best view. Though it involves a bit of climbing over boulders, it’s a safe and relatively easy journey.

Visiting Anjanadri Hill: Climb up Anjaneya Hill to visit the Hanuman Temple, believed to be where Lord Hanuman was born. Enjoy the stunning panoramic views from the top, and don’t be surprised if you encounter some playful monkeys along the way – hence the nickname, Monkey Temple.

Trying Cliff Jumping: Feel the thrill of cliff jumping and take a peaceful coracle ride at Sanapur Lake. Surrounded by rocks of all sizes, this serene lake is perfect for adventurous souls. Glide on the water in a traditional coracle made of bamboo and bark, or take the plunge for an adrenaline rush.

Exploring Hampi Ruins: Dive into history by exploring the Hampi ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting over 1,000 well-preserved stone monuments. Wander through Hindu temples, forts, and palaces, and uncover the stories of the Vijayanagara Empire. Don’t miss iconic landmarks like the Virupaksha Temple, Vitthala Temple, and Hemakuta Hill.

Rock Climbing: For those seeking excitement, Hampi is a paradise for rock climbing enthusiasts. With plenty of climbing spots available, it offers both challenge and enjoyment for climbers of all levels.

5 Best Places to Stay in Hippie Islands:

If you want a calm vacation in a peaceful place, consider Hippie Islands. They’re quiet and relaxed, far from the busy city life. These islands have beautiful views and a relaxed atmosphere that’s hard to find anywhere else. Whether you’re alone or with a partner, you’ll enjoy your time here. Here are five great places to stay on these islands.

Hill Stone View: Hill Stone View is surrounded by green hills. You can see amazing views of the landscape from here. It’s a cozy place to stay, perfect for relaxing and enjoying nature.

Hippie Land: Hippie Land has a carefree vibe, just like its name suggests. It’s near lovely beaches and has lots of hammocks to relax in. You can spend your days here sunbathing or exploring the area.

The Boho Chalet: The Boho Chalet is a unique and colorful place to stay. It’s decorated in a fun and quirky way that reflects the island’s culture. You can find cozy spots to read or do yoga here.

Magic Rock Homestay: Magic Rock Homestay is on a cliff with a great view of the sea. It’s surrounded by plants and trees, making it feel secluded and peaceful. You’ll love the cozy rooms and friendly hosts.

Waterfall Guest House: Waterfall Guest House is hidden in a garden with beautiful waterfalls. It’s a quiet place where you can relax and listen to the sounds of nature. The rooms are comfy, and the staff is helpful.

Each of these places offers something special for visitors to Hippie Islands. Whether you’re looking for adventure or just some peace and quiet, you’ll find it here. So pack your bags and get ready to enjoy the magic of these islands!

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