Best places to visit in Wayanad for 3 days

Wayanad, located in the northeastern region of Kerala, often referred to as “God’s Own Country,” rests gracefully upon the southern edge of the Deccan Plateau. Renowned for its picturesque landscapes adorned with lofty ridges and serene lakes, Wayanad ranks among the foremost hill stations in Kerala. This pristine destination exudes an untouched natural allure, preserving its original charm. Its array of popular tourist spots promises an abundance of unique cultural and natural delights to visitors.

Here’s a list of best places to visit in Wayanad for 3 days

Day 1 :

  • Meenmutty falls
  • Banasura Dam
  • Pookode lake,
  • En ooru
  • Lakkidi view point.

Day 2: 

  • Edakkal Caves
  • phantom rock
  • Neelimala view point
  • Tea Estate Zip Line Adventures

Day 3:

  • Kurumbala kotta
  • Honey Museum
  • chain tree
  • Kurva island

Meenmutty Falls:


Meenmutty Waterfalls is a big, beautiful waterfall near Banasura Sagar Dam in Kerala’s Wayanad district. It drops from a high place of 950 feet and has three tiers. You can walk about 500 meters from the parking lot or main entrance to get to the first tier. This part is smaller and has a shallow pool that’s good for swimming. To reach the second tier, you need to walk about 500 meters on steps made over big rocks. The path goes along the river and you can see the stream and lots of plants. The third tier is the toughest and needs some walking through the stream on slippery rocks with the help of ropes. 

Meenmutty Waterfalls Timings and Entry Fee:

Meenmutty Waterfalls is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day of the week. The entry fee for Indian visitors is Rs. 30 for adults and Rs. 15 for children, with an additional Rs. 75 for bringing a camera. For foreigners, the entry fee is Rs. 60 for adults, and there’s also a Rs. 75 camera fee.

Banasura Sagar dam:

River, which flows into the Kabini River. This dam is special because it’s the biggest earthen dam in India, made by stacking lots of stones and big rocks together to make a strong wall.

The dam sits at the base of Banasura hills, named after ‘Banasura’, the son of King Mahabali, who was a famous ruler in Kerala. Legend has it that ‘Banasura’ did serious praying on top of these hills. Banasura hill is the third tallest peak in the Western Ghats.

Banasura Sagar Dam Timings and Entry Fee:

The dam is open all year, every day, from 9 AM to 5 PM. Speed boating stops at 4 PM.

To enter Banasura Sagar Dam, adults pay ₹40 and kids pay ₹20. A shuttle ride to the top of the dam and back costs ₹15 for one way or ₹25 for both ways. There are extra fees for cameras and parking.

Speed boating costs ₹1000 for a ride with 5 people, while coracle riding costs ₹450 for a couple. Ziplining at Banasura Sagar Dam costs ₹300 per person.

Pookode Lake : 


Pookode Lake, also known as Pookot Lake, is a beautiful natural lake in Wayanad. It’s surrounded by lush green forests and the Western Ghats, making it a stunning spot that catches the eye of every visitor to Wayanad. Families often visit Pookode Lake for a fun day out, to go boating, and to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. You can relax and enjoy the scenery while watching animals and birds from the nearby forests. The lake is home to lotus flowers and water lilies. There’s also a freshwater aquarium, a park for kids, and a shop selling handmade crafts.

Pookode Lake Timings and Entry Fee:

Pookode Lake is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day. Boating is also available during these hours, but the last entry for boating is at 4:30 PM. If you want to go boating at Pookode Lake, it’s best to arrive early. The lake is open all year round.

En Ooru:

En Ooru is a tribal heritage village located in Lakkidi, Wayanad. It’s the first of its kind in Kerala. The main goal of this village is to show people the different tribal traditions. It’s a way for city folks to learn about how tribes live in their villages and what jobs they do. In Kerala, many tribal communities with different cultures live in the forests, but it’s not easy to visit them. En Ooru is meant to solve that problem.

En Ooru Timings and Entry Fee:

To access the destination, visitors can utilize a jeep service due to the necessity of parking private vehicles 2 kilometers away. The jeep ride requires a payment of 20 rupees, and each person must pay an entry fee of 50 rupees. The operating hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Entry fees vary: infants (0 – 5 years) enter for free, children (5 – 10 years) pay ₹20, and adults (10 years and older) pay ₹50.

Lakkidi view point: 

Lakkidi View Point is a popular place for tourists, often called the “Gateway of Wayanad.” It’s high up and gives you a great view of the city. From there, you can see beautiful rolling hills, green valleys, and winding roads. You can enjoy the amazing sights all around Wayanad. Driving up to the viewpoint is exciting. It’s best to visit Lakkidi View Point at sunrise or sunset for the most beautiful views.

Lakkidi view point timings and entry fee:

Lakkidi View Point is open all day, but the best time to visit is between 5 AM to 7 PM, especially in the winter months from November to February for an amazing experience. It’s recommended to spend about half an hour there, and the mornings and evenings are the most pleasant. Plus, there’s no entry fee, so everyone can visit for free whenever they want.

Edakkal Caves:

Visiting Edakkal Caves is like taking a trip back in time. They’re about 10 kilometers away from Sulthan Bathery. Legend says these caves were made when two brothers, Luv and Kush, shot arrows that split a big rock. The carvings inside are really old, from about 6000 BCE to 1000 BCE. They were discovered in the 1800s by a police officer named Fred Fawcett. There are lots of different carvings, showing that people lived there at different times. Some of the symbols haven’t been figured out yet. Around 400 carvings have been found, and some of them are connected to the Indus Valley civilization.

Eddakal caves timings and entry fees:

Wayanad’s Edakkal Caves are open every day from 9 AM to 4 PM, except on Mondays and public holidays. They’re open all year round, but sometimes closed during heavy rains, like in the monsoon, to keep visitors safe. Entry costs ₹50 per person, with additional charges for cameras and parking. You can also take a jeep shuttle from the parking area to the ticket counter near the steps for ₹70 per person.

Phantom Rock:

Phantom Rock, also called Cheengeri Mala, is a rare sight in the world. It naturally looks like a skull, which is why it’s named Phantom Rock. Standing at 2600 meters above sea level, it’s surrounded by lush greenery. When you reach the top, you’ll see a beautiful view of the city blending into the colorful scenery of nature.

Phantom Rock timings and entry fees:

The place can be reached easily through well-kept roads, and the last 500 meters require a walk through a narrow lane, adding to the adventure for trekkers and hikers. It’s open from 9 AM to 5 PM, and there’s no charge for entry.

Neelimala view point:

Neelimala View Point is a famous spot in Wayanad. From there, you can see the beautiful Meenmutty Waterfalls and stunning mountains and valleys. You can easily get there by road from Kalpetta Town on Ambalavayal Road. The trek up to the viewpoint is as lovely as the view itself. You’ll walk through lots of different plants and flowers, and you’ll smell the refreshing scent of coffee along the way. Small birds sing happily and encourage you as you hike to the top.

Neelima view point timings and entry fee:

Neelimala View Point is open from 9 AM to 5 PM. It’s nice to go there in winter (from November to February) when the weather is good. You should plan to spend about 1-2 hours there. But before you go, you need to get permission from the forest department.

You don’t have to pay to get into Neelimala View Point, but you do have to pay ₹500 for a jeep ride. The jeep can take 6-7 people at once.

Tea Estate Zip Line:

The Tea estate zip Line in Wayanad is really fun. It’s like a ride where you zip through the air above the tea gardens. You can find lots of companies that organize these adventures. They make sure you’re safe with special gear and guides who know what they’re doing. You’ll feel really excited as you zip along, enjoying the beautiful views of the tea plantations. If you like excitement and nature, you should definitely try this when you visit Wayanad.

Kurumbala Kotta:

Kurumbalakotta is a very beautiful place to see in Kerala. It’s a big rock hill in Wayanad, sitting 3,220 feet above the sea. What makes it special for people who like hiking is the amazing view you get all around. You can see all of Wayanad from up there, with misty mountains and valleys. People have been visiting Kurumbalakotta Hill as tourists since 2015. At first, it was mostly local people, but by 2018, visitors were coming from other parts of Kerala, from other states in India, and even from other countries around the world.

Kurumbala Kotta timings and entry fees:

Kurumbala Kotta is open from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM, and the best time to visit is from September to March. While trekking is possible any time during the day, early morning is preferred for the pleasant weather. There’s currently no entry fee charged by authorities. However, facilities like tent stays and night stays are provided by private vendors for a fee. Parking fees are ₹10 for two-wheelers and ₹30 for autos, cars, and jeeps.

Honey Museum:

The Honey Museum in Wayanad is not just a museum but also a honey farm, science museum, and a place tourists love to visit. Here you will learn a lot about honey, like its types, uses, benefits, and bees. You can even taste different kinds of honey. You can see how honey is processed, you will get to learn the history of honey in detail with pictures and models. You can buy all sorts of honey and honey products there, all of really good quality. It’s a place you shouldn’t miss if you’re in the area.

Honey Museum timings and entry fees:

The Honey Museum in Wayanad charges a fee of Rs. 20 for adults. It’s open every day from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM, although public holidays could affect the schedule.

Chain Tree:

The Chain Tree in Wayanad, located about 15 kilometers from Kalpetta, is a well-known natural marvel. Legend says a tribal boy named Karinthandan helped a British engineer through the tough terrain of Wayanad. But when the work was done, the engineer betrayed and killed him to take the credit. In memory of Karinthandan, the village priest tied his soul to a chain and attached it to a tree, giving rise to the chained tree in local folklore. Despite these events, the tree continues to grow tall, with its branches reaching up high and a sturdy iron chain securing it firmly to the ground.

Chain Tree timings and entry fees:

The Chain Tree in Wayanad is open all day and has no entry fee, but it’s better to visit before evening. Most visitors stay for only 5-10 minutes, just enough time to see the tree and pay respects to the soul believed to be chained there. You can visit anytime between 8 AM and 6 PM.

Kurva island:



Kuruva Island, also known as Kuruva Dweep, is a popular spot for adventurers and photographers in Wayanad. It’s a special area with lots of plants and animals, protected by the river around it. The island is made up of many small pieces of land in the Kabini River. The forest there has lots of different plants, like orchids and herbs used for medicine. You can also see some birds that visit from other places. While it’s not common to see animals, visiting the island can be really refreshing for both your body and mind.

Kuruva Island timings and entry fees:

Kuruva Island is open from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM every day, all year round except during the rainy season, which is from July to September. The entry fee is ₹110 for Indian visitors and ₹200 for foreigners, with additional charges for cameras and parking.


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