Must visit places in meghalaya

  1. Shillong: The Scotland of the East
  2. Cherrapunji: Land of Living Clouds
  3. Mawlynnong: Asia’s Cleanest Village
  4. Dawki: Transparent Waters of Umngot River
  5. Mawsynram: Rain Capital of the World
  6. Jowai: Cultural Gem of Jaintia Hills
  7. Jowai: Cultural Gem of Jaintia Hills
  8. Balpakram National Park: Wilderness Unleashed
  9. Mawphlang: Mystical Sacred Groves
  10. Nohsngithiang Falls: Seven Sisters Beauty
  11. Elephant Falls: Nature’s Masterpiece
  12. Umiam Lake: Tranquility and Water Sports
  13. Jakrem: Healing Hot Springs
  14. Siju Caves: Subterranean Wonders
  15. Ranikor: Angler’s Paradise
  16. Dainthlen Falls: Legend and Beauty
  17. Shnongpdeng: Adventure Haven
  18. Khoh Ramhah: Nature’s Pillar Rock
  19. Kyllang Rock: Sacred Monolith
  20. Nartiang: Historical Monoliths
  21. Nongkhnum Island: Meghalaya’s Biggest
  22. Tyrshi Falls: Hidden Gem
  23. Laitlum Canyon: Into the Valleys
  24. Umngot River: Serenity and Simplicity
  25. Wah Kaba Falls: Nature’s Symphony


Top 10 things to do in Meghalaya


1. Trek to Living Root Bridge:

The living root bridges of Meghalaya stand as a captivating and enigmatic marvel, creating a breathtaking scenic spectacle in the heart of Meghalaya. The trek to the remarkable double-decker root bridge, also referred to as the living root bridge, in Cherrapunji is an experience that will truly leave you awe-struck. Among the other activities in Cherrapunji, trekking to this natural wonder is a standout adventure. It ranks as one of the most extraordinary natural sites, captivating the interest of tourists and eliciting wide-eyed wonder. The trekking trail leading to this mesmerizing location is equally thrilling, winding through dense, vibrant green jungles that add to the overall excitement of the journey.

2. Water Sports at Umiam Lake

The beauty of Umiam Lake is truly breathtaking, characterized by its expansive and stunning natural surroundings. With an impressive area of 10 square kilometers, this vast lake is commonly referred to as Barapani among the locals due to its sheer size. It stands as an ideal destination for enthusiasts of adventure sports, particularly water-based activities. Visitors can partake in thrilling adventures such as skiing, water scooting, kayaking, and a variety of other water sports at this picturesque location.

3. Explore Dawki River:

Meghalaya not only hosts the cleanest village in Asia but also takes pride in its untouched water bodies, with Dawki River standing out as a prime example. Regarded as one of the purest rivers in India, the crystal-clear waters allow you to peer through and observe the riverbed as you navigate its course, establishing it as a premier activity in Meghalaya. The mesmerizing emerald green hues of the river are bound to captivate your mind and rejuvenate your spirit.

4. Mawlynngong Cleanest city of Asia

Mawlynnong, recognized as the ‘cleanest village in Asia,’ not only sets a high standard for other villages and cities in India but also actively promotes eco-tourism. Often referred to as God’s Own Garden, this village boasts a remarkable 100 percent literacy rate, providing additional incentives to explore its lush green landscapes. A visit to this village offers the opportunity to engage with locals, witness tribal lifestyles, and delve into the captivating wilderness of Meghalaya. Consider exploring the finest valleys in Meghalaya to rejuvenate yourself, and for a comfortable stay with unparalleled views of Meghalaya’s surreal beauty, opt for one of the excellent resorts in the region. Plan your visit soon to immerse yourself in the unique charm of Mawlynnong.

5. Delicious Local Food

Meghalaya boasts a unique culinary heritage, distinguished by three predominant styles of cooking – Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia. Rich in a diverse array of delectable local dishes, Meghalaya’s traditional cuisine features staples such as rice, stewed vegetables, curries, bamboo shoots, and various meats. Some renowned dishes from Meghalaya include Jadoh, Doh-Khlieh, Nakham Bitchi, Doh-Neiiong, Tungrymbai, Pudoh, and more.

6. Shopping at Police Bazar:

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya and often hailed as the Scotland of the East, is renowned for its vibrant and lively marketplaces. Among them, Police Bazaar in Shillong stands out. This market is a treasure trove of local artworks, Meghalaya textile creations, handicrafts, and souvenirs available for purchase. The lively atmosphere of this bustling market promises to satisfy your shopping desires like no other place.

7. Don Bosco Museum:

The significant Don Bosco Museum serves as a crucial cultural hub, not only within Meghalaya but throughout the entire northeastern region. With its distinctive hexagonal structure, this museum is widely regarded as one of the finest in the northeast. Spanning seven floors, each dedicated to one of the seven states of the northeast, the museum provides a captivating glimpse into the rich culture, heritage, art, and vibrant history of these states. Featuring a remarkable collection of paintings, artworks, sculptures, and artifacts, the museum also includes a spacious cultural library, conference hall, and a media hall. It stands as an ideal destination to explore and gain insights into the diverse cultural tapestry of the seven sister states in the north.

8. Hike Laitlum Canyon:

The Don Bosco Museum holds a pivotal role as a significant cultural center, not only within the confines of Meghalaya but also across the entire northeastern region. Renowned for its unique hexagonal architecture, this museum is widely esteemed as one of the premier establishments in the northeast. Across its seven floors, each dedicated to one of the seven states of the northeast, the museum offers a captivating window into the rich cultural heritage, art, and dynamic history of these states. Boasting an impressive collection of paintings, artworks, sculptures, and artifacts, the museum is also equipped with a spacious cultural library, conference hall, and media hall. It stands as an exemplary destination for those seeking to delve into and appreciate the diverse cultural fabric of the seven sister states in the north.

9. Mawphanlur village Day Tour

Mawphanlur village in Meghalaya is a charming and picturesque village, surrounded by serene natural beauty and inhabited by welcoming locals. Begin your journey at Mawphlang, where you can explore the sacred groves before reaching the village. It is an ideal destination to unwind amidst lush and fragrant landscapes, beneath a pristine sky, and interact with the amiable villagers. Engage in the local marketplace, savor a delightful cup of tea. Additionally, indulge in thrilling adventure sports offered in the area. With its diverse offerings, Mawphanlur has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Meghalaya.

10. Day Trek Umden Village

Umden presents an ideal escape, cradled within verdant forests that abound with natural wonders. Take a day trip to witness the diverse culture embraced by the local inhabitants, particularly the Bhoi tribes in the village. Embark on a trek through tea gardens, strawberry fields, subtropical landscapes, and bamboo forests, offering a rejuvenating experience. An additional allure of the tour is the panoramic view of the sprawling Khasi hills from the CFT rock garden. Upon reaching the campsite at CFT, indulge in a leisurely lunch, unwind in the tranquil atmosphere, and in the evening, appreciate the beauty of the surroundings while enjoying a cup of tea.

Nightlife in Meghalaya:

Klong: For a delightful experience of enjoying panoramic town views with a refreshing cocktail, the terrace seating area at Poinisuk Hotel Klong Bar is an excellent choice. 

Cloud9: As an iconic establishment in the Shillong party scene, Cloud9 remains a top-notch nightspot in the city. 

The Evening Club : Celebrating Shillong’s rich musical heritage with a cozy ambiance and the best live acoustics in town, the Evening Club stands out as a unique venue. 

Irish Pub: At the Irish Pub’s karaoke nights, a tower of good beer sets the stage for some entertaining (and perhaps slightly off-key) singing. 

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