Meghalaya with Kaziranga Backpacking Trip (7D/6N)

  • 6 Days 5 Night
  • Group Size: Minimum 3, Maximum 20
  • Difficulty : Easy to Moderate
  • Starting/End Location : Guwahati


Hello travelers!

There are many amazing things about Meghalaya state like the floating clouds (that’s the first thing comes to mind), the high rise mountains, rainforests formed by wettest places on earth, stunning deep valleys, crystal clear waters of rivers and streams, gigantic waterfalls, mystical caves, living root bridges that act as harmony between humans and nature over centuries, some of the cleanest villages, diverse spread of food, colorful locals and unique culture.

As part of this backpacking trip, we at Muddie Trails handpicked destinations in the abode of clouds that will refresh your body, mind and awaken your soul. We will experience Meghalaya in full glory, create memories, and sketch beautiful stories to tell even long after.

We will start the trip with Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, which is also the highest point of the state. It boasts a cold climate most of the year. It has a unique cuisine with tasty food, friendly locals, great for shopping especially the winter wear. After exploring local attractions in Shillong, and thrilling views of Laitlum Grand Canyons, we will move deeper into East Khasi Hills towards the crystal clear blue waters of Krang Suri waterfalls, explore the transparent Umngot river of Dawki and indulge in adrenaline-pumping water activities at Shnongpdeng.

We will then head towards some of the wettest places on earth like Cherrapunji, explore umpteen viewpoints, cleanest villages, deep Mawsmai caves, pristine valleys, and numerous waterfalls like Nohkalikai or Wei Sawdong over there. We will set off on a wild & wet trek to fascinating Double Decker Living Root Bridges and magical Rainbow Waterfalls. After soul-soothing dips in the natural swimming pools of lush blue waters, we will end the trip with a pit stop at Shillong while filling our bags with souvenirs, and a mind full of beautiful memories.

From Elephant safari to witnessing the one-horned rhinos, Kaziranga National Park offers arguably the best safari in India. One can indulge in two kinds of safaris – Elephant and Jeep. Elephant safari, that needs one to book well ahead in advance, starts usually early in the morning and is shorter in duration but one gets to experience of riding an elephant. Jeep safari offers the benefit of covering a vast expanse in a short span of time.

The national park is open from November through out the winter & summer. It is closed with the onset of monsoons in North East – usually by end of April.

The rhinos, the elephants and the migratory birds simply make it an outstanding experience. It’s a place worth ticking off the bucket list.

All in all, Meghalaya & Kaziranga is a great combo that cannot be missed in ones lifetime. Come, join us to experience life at its fullest in this backpacking trip.

Highlights of the trip:

  • The Double Decker Living Root Bridges
  • Laitlum Grand Canyons
  • Crystal clear Umngot River
  • Dawki expedition
  • Shnongpdeng Water Activities with Camping
  • Lush Blue Krang Suri Waterfalls Dip
  • Cherrapunji – Wettest place on Earth
  • Trek to pristine Rainbow Waterfalls
  • Mawsmai Caves exploration
  • Nohkalikai Falls – World’s 4th largest Waterfalls
    4 Layered Wei Sawdong Waterfalls
  • Mawlynnong – Asia’s cleanest Village
  • Don Bosco Museum for North Eastern Culture
  • Umiam Lake view point – beautiful sunset
  • Dress up in Meghalaya traditional attire
  • Kaziranga National Park Jeep Safari
  • Elephant Safari (Optional).


  • Travel (Guwahati to Guwahati)
  • Stay for 5 nights
  • 5 Breakfasts
  • Dawki River Boating, Cliff Jumping
  • Meghalaya Khasi tribe dress up
  • All entry tickets, permissions
  • Kaziranga Jeep Safari
  • Trip Captain (for group size above 5)
  • Local guide for Double Decker, Rainbow Trekking
  • Airport pickup and drop (fixed timings)
  • Bonfire (at least 1 time)
  • Once in a lifetime experience visiting all places mentioned in Highlights section


  • Lunches, Dinners
  • Any kind of activities other than mentioned above
  • Any kind of insurance, shopping, party, medical expenses
  • Any misc. expenses that are not in inclusions above
  • Any extra cost arising due to any change in the itinerary/stay/route on account of bad weather, traffic-congestion, landslides/roadblocks, natural calamities, political disturbances and/or any other factors beyond our control.


Day 1 - Umium view point, Shillong Police Bazar

  • Travelers coming by Flight will get picked by our vehicle at Guwahati Airport at 11:45 AM.
  • We will start our journey towards the mountain town of Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya.
  • It’s a drive of 120 Km that takes 3.5 hours usually. Expect traffic congestion in Guwahati before we enter Meghalaya.
  • Cross Meghalaya check post and break for Lunch at a restaurant.
  • Continue journey to the extremely pretty Umium Lake view point that gives a sneak peak of how beautiful Meghalaya is. If lucky, we can get to experience a beautiful sunset over here.
  • Reach Shillong town late evening after buying some snacks and drinks (if you wish to) at Police Bazar, check into our guest house and freshen up.
  • Gather at the common area, socialize, play games and music.
  • Rest for the night on cozy beds.

Day 2 - Grand Canyons, The Clear Blue Waterfall, Riverside Camping

  • Start the day early with Breakfast.
  • Visit Laitlum Grand Canyon, which offers a spectacular view of East Khasi Hills with a great sudden dip. We can go down the stairs of the valley and pose for pictures.
  • Head towards Jaintia hills of Meghalaya to visit most beautiful and lush bluish Krang Suri Waterfalls.
  • Break for a quick Lunch at a local food joint on our way.
  • Take a dip in the chilling water of Krang Suri with life jackets that are mandatory.
  • The water is so cold that going in the water pool itself is a dare! But there are some crazy people in every group, who will take this challenge.
  • Continue our journey to Shnongpdeng on the banks of the Umngot river.
  • River side Camping with Bonfire and social gathering.
  • Rest in your assigned Tents.

Day 3 - Transparent River Adventures, Dawki, Cleanest Village

  • Good morning at the crystal clear waters of Umngot river. The first rays of the sun reflecting on the flowing waters is mesmerizing. There is also an eye-catching suspension bridge to explore. 
  • Finish Breakfast at our camp.
  • Indulge in Shnongpdeng Water activities like Boating, Cliff Jumping, Kayaking, etc. based on their availability.
  • Turning into a fully wet mermaid for a few hours under sunny weather of Shnongpdeng gives the best experience along with a rush of adrenaline.
  • Take a pit stop at Dawki where the transparent Umngot river leaves our country, peek into the border areas, and say hi to our neighbors from Bangladesh 😉 
  • Post another quick Lunch, we will give a visit to Asia’s cleanest village Mawlynnong.  This village boasts interesting things like a bamboo-made tower to peek into Bangladesh from a height, cleanest roads, sense of calmness and beautiful people.
  • We will then head towards our next destination Cherrapunji by night
  • Dinner with social hours.
  • Rest on the cozy beds of guest house rooms assigned to you.

Day 4 - Trek down to Heaven, Walk on Double Decker Living Roots & Spot a Rainbow!

  • Start the day with Breakfast in the misty town of Cherrapunji.
  • Head to base village Tyrna and trek down to Nongriat Village Double Decker Living Root Bridges.
  • The 3641 steps into the valley to the Nongriat village will take us to the most offbeat place of Meghalaya where we will spend the rest of the day and night.
  • After marveling at the huge Double Decker Living Root Bridges structure constructed by generations of humans by carefully bending roots of Rubber trees for centuries, continue trekking into the jungle another 1.5 hours to reach breathtaking Rainbow Waterfalls
  • Trekkers are expected to carry ample snacks like – Bananas/Dry fruits/Biscuits/Energy bars – today as there is no special place for Lunch at this remote place.
  • A dip in the chilling water is absolutely delightful and refreshing after a long trek. If sun shines around 2 PM, there is every chance to spot a beautiful Rainbow in front of the Ranibow waterfalls!
  • Trek back to Nongriat village, stay at village dorms overnight with basic facilities.

Day 5 - Trek back to Earth, explore Caves, Waterfalls, Dress up!

  • Good morning from one of the remotest part of country!
  • After having early Breakfast, trek back up towards the Tyrna village (the place where we descended from yesterday).
  • Climbing up 3600 odd stairs will take it’s time, but your mind is full of amazing stories and colors of what you just experienced yesterday. This hike can be done in 2 to 3 hours easily with frequent breaks.
  • Explore the breathtaking maze of caves formed of limestone called Mawsmai caves. Though the caves are quite long, only a small part of open for tourists. This magnificent natural wonder is the handiwork of years of natural erosion and underground water. The fun part is – there are some tricky paths in the caves where you have to sneak through.
  • Dress up in Meghalaya special Khasi tribe traditional attire and pose for cameras.
  • Have leisurely Lunch at a restaurant.
  • Visit Nohkalikai Waterfalls viewpoint, one of the biggest falls in India.
    Visit offbeat and 3 layered Wei Sawdong waterfalls (based on season).
  • Note that there would be no time to cover both waterfalls as it gets dark very early in Meghalaya. More often by 4.30 PM the sun would have already set.
  • Get back to the Cherrapunji homestay and gather around Bonfire one last time. Finish Dinner.
  • Well deserved rest in the assigned rooms.

Day 6 - Museum of Colors & Cultures, journey to Kaziranga

  • Start the day early with a Breakfast at our stay. We are expected to check out before 8 AM.
  • Move towards Shillong to visit very interesting Don Bosco Museum that showcases culture, colors, tools, clothing and artifacts of North Eastern states.
  • One shouldn’t miss this wonderful museum on their Meghalaya trip. It will make you fall in love with North East and pull you back to explore other states like Arunachal, Nagaland and Sikkim.
  • Finish Lunch enroute Guwahati.
  • Journey towards Guwahati (At this stage, a vehicle switch may happen based on number of people going to Kaziranga vs people going to Airport)
  • A strict timeline will be maintained today. 
  • Reach Kaziranga camp/stay by night, have Dinner.
  • We will try to arrange Bonfire depending on the feasibility.
  • Wrap up eatly and rest for the night.

Day 7 - Kaziranga Jeep Safari, Drop at Guwahati Airport

  • The day starts really early at Kaziranga around 4 AM.
  • (Optional) Get ready for Elephant safari that has 2 slots – 5 AM slot and 6 AM slot. Based on our booking, one of the slots will be assigned to you.
  • Head back to the camp, refresh and have Breakfast.
  • Around 9 AM: Gear up for Jeep safari that covers quite a distance and goes for more deeper into National Park.
  • Rhino sighting is quite common as Kaziranga is home to worlds largest population of one-horned Rhinos. Same is the scenario with Elephants, Wild Buffalo, Deer and different species of migratory birds. But sighting a Tiger is very rare. One needs to be lucky.
  • Pack your bags, check out of homestay and return journey to Guwahati with a Lunch break.
  • Drop at Airport by 5:30 PM. You are safe to book flights starting 8:30 PM or later.

What to Expect

About Trip:

This is a No-luxury, shared-model trip.
It involves standard/comfort local stays & travel.
It best suits for people who wish to socialize and prefer group travel.
If you wish to have privacy & luxury, then check out our Private Trips.

  • Trip starting/ending point: Guwahati Airport
  • Note: If you are arriving by Train, pick-up will be at Khanapara bus stop of Guwahati.
  • There is no night journey on this trip. All travel is during day time.

  • Trip start time: Day 1, 11:45 AM
  • You can book onward flight to Guwahati based on the above timing.
  • Trip end time: Day 7, 6:00 PM
  • Vehicle will drop guests at Guwahati Airport around 6:00 – 6:30 PM on Day 7.
  • You can book return flights from Guwahati after 9:00 PM

  • Tempo, SUV, Hatchback or similar tourist vehicle (7 days journey)
  • Tempo Travelers in North East are of 3 kinds,
    > 13 seater, 17 seater, 25 seater
    > 13 have pushback and 17, 25 do not have pushback
    > We may book any vehicle based on availability and group number

Booking Flight tickets:
  • Our team can assist you in booking your flight tickets through an agent without any fees.
  • Sometimes, there is a chance to get cheaper rates than online.

  • Shillong: 1 Night (comfort homesstay, 3 or 4 sharing basis)
  • Cherrapunji: 2 Nights (comfort stay, 3 or 4 or 5 sharing basis)
  • Attached bathrooms & hot water facility.
  • Nongriat Village: 1 Night (basic stay, common stay washrooms)
  • Shnongpdeng: 1 Night Camping (basic stay)
    > Common washrooms by Meghalaya Tourist Board
    > 2 or 3 sharing tents
  • Kaziranga National Park: 1 Night Camping  (basic stay)
    > 2 or 3 sharing tents
  • Contact Booking Team on 9880539183 if you wish to see stay pictures.

Couple Stay:
  • Couple stay can be provided at an extra cost of 1000 per night per couple in Shillong & Cherrapunji.
  • Contact Booking Team to check availability before booking.
  • We will give complementary couple sharing Tents at Shnongpdeng and Kaziranga ✌️

  • Breakfasts included
  • Lunches & Dinners are self-sponsored
  • Why?
    Based on feedback from previous batches, we excluded Lunches and Dinners as everyone have different food choices. Meghalaya boasts good food. There are multiple food options available at all the places that put travelers in confusion.
  • All homestays at Meghalaya provide pre-set food for dinner or take orders as per menu.
  • How much you have to spend for good food?
    150 – 200 per Lunch
    200 – 250 per Dinner

Miscellaneous info:
  • Batch size: 4 to 20
  • Trip Leader will be included only for big groups (usually more than 6 members in group with Tempo Traveler).
  • In case of smaller groups, an experienced driver & Operations Manager (online) will take care of the itinerary.
  • Trek Details: Double Decker Living Root Bridges and Rainbow Waterfalls on Days 4,5
  • Trek Difficulty: Moderate (Beginners can attempt)

Kaziranga National Park Info:
  • If you wish to do Elephant Safari, you can contact Booking Team to check availability and book. It usually costs 1300 per person.
  • Why is Elephant Safari  optional?
    Many people do not like to ride on Animals.
    Muddie Trails do not support or oppose use of Animals for tourism purpose. We respect individual choices.

Booking Procedure:

There are 2 ways of booking this trip

  • Directly book through Book Now option.
    > Full payment.
  • Book with Partial Payment
    > Booking amount of  INR 7000 + taxes shall be made.
    > Send screenshot to Booking Team on 9880539183. An e-mail confirmation will be sent after acknowledgement.
    > Remaining trip amount shall be paid 1 month before trip start date.
    > Booking amount is non-refundable if cancelled later or failed to pay balance amount on time.
  • Note: Within 1 month, ONLY full payment option is applicable.

  • Max altitude: Shillong at 5,200 feet above Sea level
  • Climate:
    Cold at Shillong, Cherrapunji,
    Pleasant at Nongriat village,
    Warm at Dawki, Shnongpdang, Krang Suri, Guwahati & Kaziranga.
  • Expect seasonal variations in Meghalaya depending on the month we are travelling.
  • During rains, the waterfalls will be in full flow but water won’t be clear/transparent.
  • During winters and summers, we may get crystal clear water in the rivers and streams, but water will be less.

Special Notes:
  • Travelers are expected to come with open heart by appreciating complexities of Mother nature based on seasonal variations, monthly or even daily weather conditions.
  • There is no luxury involved in any part of this trip. This is a backpacking trip with basic facilities.

Seasonal Variations:
  • Feb to May: Summers are pleasantly in Meghalaya which pull tourists in good numbers. There’s still a good amount of water to play in rivers and waterfalls (Umngot, Krang Suri, Rainbow). However, those giant waterfalls meant for viewing are usually quiet (Nohkalikal, Wei Sawdong) this season.
  • Jun to Sept (Monsoons): The rains hit the mountains starting from May. Meghalaya has a long monsoon season. They start slow in April/May, consistently increase during June, peak around July/August and reduce by mid of Sept. Thick clouds all around interrupt views. With the brute force of water, one cannot take dips/play in water anywhere.
  • Mid Sept to Jan (Post monsoon): The giant waterfalls (Nohkalikal, Weisawdong) are at their best post monsoons with enchanting views. End of the year (Nov, Dec, Jan) is good to play in the clear waters of rivers and waterfalls (Umngot, Krang Suri, Rainbow). Temperatures may drop below 5 degrees towards the end of the year.


Things to carry

  • Toiletries, moisturizer, light towel, lip balm, wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste etc.
  • A lightweight large Backpack for the entire trip (50-60 liters). Strictly no trolleys. Please remember this is a Backpacking trip.
  • A small backpack for basic items (to carry valuables, water bottle, snacks, etc. for outdoor activities).
  • Photo identity proof with address (Aadhar/Passport/Voter ID).
  • Thermal inners and warm clothes in winter (cold climate).
  • A rainproof jacket with a hood during monsoons (to protect from cold winds, sudden rain).
  • Thick socks, track pants, full sleeve t-shirts (to keep your body warm).
  • Cap/Hat/Sunglasses (to protect from harmful sun rays).
  • Sunscreen (SPF 50 or more).
  • Power bank, charger, camera, binoculars (if you wish to).
  • Hand sanitizer and liquid hand wash for Camping and outdoors.
  • Proper water bottle for your trip. You may fill at our stays.
  • Disposable garbage covers (To separate used/unused, wet/dry clothes).
  • Water-resistant good grip shoes for travel, extra slippers to use at stays.
  • Personal medications, any drugs that you may feel necessary (remember ghat roads, cold climate), basic first aid kit.
  • No need to carry snacks/chocolates. You may buy at local shops to support local people in Meghalaya.

What's next after booking your trip?

  • Organizers will get in touch with you, or vice versa.
  • Once minimum number of people book this trip (at least 4 members), Organizing team will give a green signal to book your flights.
  • A Whatsapp group will be created for all the registered folks 5 days before the event.

What is the best time to travel to Meghalaya?

The best part of the year to travel to Meghalaya is from the post-monsoon season – mid-September to mid-Feb. Winters are refreshingly cold in Meghalaya (unlike the extreme climate of Himalayas) and because of the huge rainfall it receives, water remains till mid March.
It starts raining again from the month of April, which is also considered a good time to travel. 

Terms & Conditions

  • The itinerary is fixed. No special requests to change itinerary/schedule shall be entertained. Travellers are not allowed to advice/instruct the Organizers (Driver or Trip Leader or Operations Manager) to change the itinerary.
  • Cooperate with the Organizers in following the schedule set for the day (especially getting up and getting ready in the morning). This will ensure travellers won’t miss out on the real fun part that is traveling and visiting all places in itinerary.
  • Every traveler is responsible for his/her for your own safety. Do not indulge in any illegal or silly activity that causes harm to self or fellow travelers.
  • Do not wander into the forest away from the designated trail for treks. There may be snakes, scorpions, and dangerous animals.
  • Unexpected situations: In rare scenarios, we might not be able to cover all the places mentioned in the itinerary because of unpredictable reasons like bad weather, landslides, wild animal presence, abrupt blocking of sites by the police/forest/local authorities, delay in travel because of an issue with our group itself, traffic conditions, etc. In most cases, if the time permits, the Organizers will take travelers to an alternative place. But in some cases, we may have to skip places altogether.
  • No alcohol & smoking during travel, treks, and other outdoor activities. There would be a separate window and space (usually at night) to have these at the stays for interested people.
  • Travelers are expected to respect each other and help one another. Avoid discussing sensitive matters like sex, politics, and religion/caste/race.
  • Using foul or abusive language, eve-teasing, arguing with fellow travelers/Organizers, and/or involving in the physical assault will not be accepted and will stand a chance of being deserted by the group then and there.
  • Every traveler is expected to digitally fill & submit a liability/waiver form given by the Organizers before the trip. This liability form will discharge Muddie Trails of any unexpected incident like injury/death/theft etc.

Cancellation & Refund

Cancellation by Traveler

  • 80% refund if a cancellation request is sent 30 days before the trip start date.
  • 50% refund if a cancellation request is sent between 30 to 15 days before the trip start date.
  • An email has to be sent to to raise a cancellation request.
  • No refund within 15 days of the event start time whatever is the reason (Health, COVID, Accident, Family crisis, Office issue, or anything else).
  • No refund during/after the event.
  • No refund on the partial payment (advance) done to block your seat for the trip.

Cancellation by Muddie Trails

Muddie Trails may decide to cancel the event if there are less than 3 travelers signed up for the trip/trek.

What if we don’t get the minimum number of people for the trip?
We have 2 options in this case:
Option 1: Complete refund.
Option 2: Switch to any other long trip of the same dates or future dates. The difference amount will be collected from you or paid back according to the new trip cost.

Note: We do not recommend to book flight tickets until the trip is confirmed with atleast 3 travelers signed up.

Cancellation due to external factors

Muddie Trails may have to cancel the event in case of external factors that are beyond our control like Natural Disasters, Extreme Weather Conditions, Red Alerts, Political Disturbances, Bandh/Curfews, Local Issues, Road Blocks, Train cancellations, Covid-19 or any other disease outbreaks etc.

In these scenarios:

  • No Refund is allowed.
  • 100% trip amount can be used for any other new trip of the same weekend or future weekends. The difference amount will be collected from you or paid back according to the new trip cost.
  • Once you confirm your participation on the new trip, all the above Cancellation policies will apply for the same.
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