Ladakh FAQs

🔰 How about mobile network on my Ladakh trip?

👉 Only Post paid sim cards work in Ladakh.
👉 Jio works better followed by Airtel & Vodafone.
👉 Leh has good network connectivity. Our stays have Wifi also. 
👉 Nubra Valley has decent network connection.
👉 Pangong & Tsomoriri have poor or no network connection.
👉 While traveling between places, mobile signal may not be available for long time.

🔰 What kind of clothes I should pack as per season?

👉 During Day time: Whether can be sunny and warm from June to September. Normal clothes will be enough.
👉 During Night time: Ladakh is very cold throughout the year. Carry sweaters, monkey caps, sweat shirts and thick socks to protect from chill winds at high altitude  places like Pangong & Tsomoriri. It feels more colder when it rains or snows.
👉 High passes like Khardung La and Chang La are extremely cold (we may even find some snow there).
👉 It is advised to check weather forecast and carry a rain proof Jacket or a Poncho.
👉 Please refer “Things to Pack” section on our website for more details.

🔰How many times I can get wet in water?

👉 With the chilling temperature of Himalayan rivers, it’s not practical to get in water.

🔰Can I get a trolley?

👉  Usually backpacks are recommended as trolleys occupy lots of space. Backpacks can be easily arranged at the backside of the vehicle by our Driver (for tempos).
👉  In case of SUV vehicles we have luggage carrier at the top. Medium size trolleys are fine.

🔰 Will I need to carry my backpack every day?

👉 No. We will either put in vehicle or at stays. Guests have to carry their own luggage from vehicle to rooms/camps (remember there is no porter service or room service on backpacking trips)

🔰How long are our journeys on average? Is it very tiresome?

👉 Since most of the journey is through the curvy roads of Himalayan mountains, the journeys can be tiring. Having said that, the BRO (Border Roads Organization) has done a fantastic job to build and maintain roads in the best possible way.

👉 Our vehicles are usually comfortable SUVs or Tempos based on number of people. We never put more than 6 guests per SUV and 10 per Tempo.

👉 We will also take ample breaks in between our journey for different reasons like taking photos, Lunches, etc.

👉  The journey from Nubra to Pangong, Pangong to Tsomoriri and Tsomoriri to Leh will be very long. At some routes, there is a road costruction work going on which may delay things.

👉 There is no seat reservation system. Guests are requested to rotate between seats on each day.

🔰 What kind of stays we have & room combinations?

👉 Leh is known for it’s good looking Guest Houses & Hotels with friendly hosts who serve delicious food.
👉 We have Swiss tents at Nubra & Pangong with attached or common washrooms sometimes.
👉 Tsomoriri is a remote place that has few very basic Guest Houses and Cottages.
👉 Room combinations are usually 2 or 3 sharing. An extra mattress is placed in room for 3 sharing room. Guests are requested to rotate each day.
👉 Depending on group setup, our Operations Manager will assign rooms. It’s not possible to take any special requests.

🔰 Do I need to carry my own Blanket, Pillow or Sleeping Bag?

👉 No. We will provide everything needed at our stays.

🔰 What kind of food is available? I am a pure vegetarian, will I get veggies?

👉 Breakfasts served at our stays are usually Poori Sabzi, Plain Paratha with veg curry, or Aloo Paratha. Sometimes we serve Bread toast with bitter/jam & boiled eggs. Tea/Coffee are also served.

👉 Dinners served are pure Veg (mostly Buffets) with different items.

👉 Lunches are always on the way at remote areas. There might be limited options, so we need to be flexible and adjust. Our drivers know where to stop on each day as per the speed of the group.

🔰 Explain about last point of "Exclusions" list?

✖️ Any extra cost arising due to any change in the itinerary/stay on account of bad weather, traffic-congestion, landslides/roadblocks, natural calamities, political disturbances and/or any other factors beyond organizers’ control.

Let’s consider following random example (it never happened before):
Assume for some unexpected reason Pangong to Tsomoriri route traffic movement is blocked. Since we cannot go to Tsomoriri now, we need to return to Leh. Since we need to book fresh stay in Leh, travelers have to bear this extra stay/food expense. The Tsomoriri stay will not return any money.

👉 There can be more such scenarios/examples. We cannot rule out such scenarios in high altitude Himalayas, especially with Global warming & Climate change. But the probability of occurance is very rare.

👉 This is a universal rule of tourism industry. Nothing special about our company.

🔰 What are the group etiquettes we need to follow?

👉 Please help each other and be kind to one another. On a budget backpacking group trip like this, it’s important to put personal priorities aside and go along with the group.

👉 Please do not argue with co-travelers or Driver or Locals in Ladakh. If you need anything then politely request but not demand. Give respect and take respect.

👉 Finally do read “Terms & Conditions” of your Ladakh trip. If anyone violates the Terms in a way that causes inconvenience to Co-travelers or hinders smooth running of the trip, the company won’t tolerate and an immediate action will be taken.

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