Meghalaya FAQs

🔰 How about mobile network on my Meghalaya trip?

👉 Jio & Airtel work better in Meghalaya. Vodafone is little bit up and down.
👉 Overall network is unreliable, especially in places like Shnongpdeng river side camping, Cherrapunji and Nongriat.
👉 We observed signal blackouts only in case of inclement weather conditions (like cyclone, heavy rain). 

🔰 What are the kind of clothes I should pack as per season?

👉 October to mid November – Weather is pleasant in Meghalaya. No need to pack thick woolens. Just a sweater is usually enough. Carry a Poncho to protect from intermittent rain.

👉 Mid November to February – It gets very cold towards end of the year. Carry sweaters, monkey caps and thick socks to protect from chill winds.

👉 March to May – Days are a bit hot and nights are pleasant. There might be Summer showers or early Monsoon rains. It is advised to check weather forecast and carry a rain proof Jacket or Poncho.

Please refer “Things to Pack” section on our website for more details.

🔰 How many times I can get wet in water?

3️⃣ times 

👉 Day 2 – Krang Suri Blue coloured Waterfalls. Change room available.
👉 Day 3 – Dawki Transparent River Water Activities. You can change in Tents.
👉 Day 4 – Blue Lagoon enroute trek to Rainbow falls. You can change after trekking back to homestay.

🔰 Can I get a trolley?

No. Backpacks are recommended.
👉 We need to put luggage inside vehicle in Meghalaya. That means limited luggage space.
👉  Trolleys occupy lots of space. Backpacks can be easily arranged at the backside of the vehicle by our Driver.


🔰 Will I need to carry my backpack every day?

No. We will either put in vehicle or at homestay.
👉 On Night-2 when we go to riverside camp, we will put backpack in vehicle itself.
We will only carry basic things needed for Camping & Water activities in small bag like – toothbrush, towel, change pair clothes, hat, sunscreen, charger, sanitizer etc. 
👉 On Day-4 when we go for Double Decker Trek, we will put backpack at the homestay itself.

We will only carry basic things needed for 1 day village stay like – toothbrush, towel, change pair clothes, hat, sunscreen, charger etc.


🔰 Tell me more about Riverside Camping?

We have a night camping at Shnongpdeng village on the banks of Umngot river (popularly knows as Dawki river or Transparent river).
👉 We will indulge in Water activities like Boating, Cliff jumping which are part of package.
👉 Extra activities like Kayaking, Snorkeling also may be done, if you wish.
👉 There is Ziplining also, but not recommended (as it takes lot of time). We have other places to visit on same day.
👉 Camping is always basic stay and we use Tourist Board washrooms. So, please do carry your hand sanitizer or liquid hand wash.

🔰 How do I prepare for trekking?

We have a trek to Double Decker Living Root Bridges and Rainbow Waterfalls on Day-4 of the Meghalaya trip. Difficulty level is highly subjective as per the individual. Some people feel it’s moderate and some people feel it’s hard. The trek is followed by stay at Nongriat village in the valley.

👉 Most of the trek involves man made steps. Even a good grip Sports shoes or Sandals work well. They are better than trekking shoes.

👉 Food options are limited in the trek route. It’s better to eat Maggy, Boiled Eggs etc. on the trek path for Lunch and carry lots of snacks or energy drinks (can buy at Cherrapunji).

👉 Homestay will serve early Dinner in the evening.

🔰 How long are our journeys on average? Is there night journey?

👉 Distance wise, we will cover 75% of total distance in first 3 days of the journey – Shillong > Laitlum > Krang Suri > Shonogpdeng > Dawki > Mawlynnong > Cherrapunji.

👉 Remaining 25% is covered during last 3 days of trip. Because we see places in and around Cherrapunji.

👉 There is no night journey. Driving in Meghalaya is not safe during nights. The mountains attract heavy fog/mist and the visibility can be very low.

👉 Please follow instructions of your Operations Manager or Driver and be on time – Especially Days 2 and 3 of your Meghalaya trip.

🔰 How will be stay/room combinations?

👉 Rooms combination at Homestays are usually 4 or 5 or 6 sharing. Sometimes we may give 2 or 3 sharing based on group combinations and room availability.
👉 Depending on group setup, our Operations Manager will assign rooms everywhere. It’s not possible to take any special requests.

🔰 Do I need to carry my own Blanket, Pillow or Sleeping Bag?

👉 No. We will provide everything needed at our stays or camp.

🔰 Can I visit places other than itinerary?

👉 No, we already have handpicked best places in Meghalaya that can be covered in 6 days. It’s not possible to change itinerary unless an unexpected situation happens.

🔰 Can we have dinner at a restaurant after reaching stay?

👉  No. Drivers will not drive after 8 PM unless there was a delay earlier in the day because of traffic jams or road blocks. Once we reach homestay, it’s rest time until next morning. 

🔰 What are the group etiquettes we need to follow?

👉 Please help each other and be kind to one another. On a budget backpacking group trip like this, it’s important to put personal priorities aside and go along with the group.

👉 Please do not argue with Co-travelers or Driver or Locals in Meghalaya. If you need anything then politely request but not demand. Give respect and take respect.

👉 Finally do read Terms & Conditions of Meghalaya trip. If anyone violates the Terms in a way that causes inconvenience to Co-travelers or hinders the smooth running of the trip, it won’t be tolerated.

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