Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram Trip


Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry Trip from Hyderabad

It’s time to walk barefoot on the beach again. It’s time for a fantastic weekend getaway to the beautiful Pondicherry and historical Mahabalipuram from our very own Hyderabad.

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      Weekend Trip/Trek
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    All about the Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram Trip.

    Hello Hyderabad!

    How about a trip full of action and fun? How about serene beaches, colorful streets, a bit of history, lots of tasty food, all in a refreshing coastal setting overlooking the Bay of Bengal?

    We will start the trip by taking an overnight luxury Bus from Hyderabad to Chennai. As we feel the humid sea breeze of the coastal city, we will get started with Mahabalipuram which is just an hour and a half journey.

    There are plenty of historical monuments that will amaze us in Mahabalipuram. A local Bus from Chennai will drop us at Mahabalipuram where we will have a quick pit stop to explore 3 hand-picked places before we head to Pondicherry.

    The first among them is Tiger’s Caves, which are rock-cut structures with tiger-head like shapes located in a quiet, green, and serene location before Mahabalipuram’s main town. There are protected monuments, well looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India. A nice lawn with large trees provides some shade and cooling. It’s always fun to hike those rocks and try some unofficial rock-climbing. 

    We will then head to Shore Temple by the Mahabalipuram beach overlooking the endless sea, and end with Krishna’s butterball, a huge stone that looks as if it’s defying gravity. 

    Then comes the major attraction, Pondicherry, which was a French colony in India for more than 350 years. The breeze of French history is still felt in the streets of Pondy with its colorful buildings, clean surroundings, and laid back lifestyle. It has a diverse set of things to offer for tourists. Since there is always a good amount of traffic in Pondicherry, the best way to explore the attractions of the town is by driving scooters.

    We will drive to the beautiful beaches (Promenade, Serenity, Paradise), take a dip in the Sea, visit colorful streets of French colony with colonial architecture, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Museum, the heritage village of Aurovillean experimental township where people from all countries, races, castes, creeds, and political ideologies can live together in peace. 

    We will also try the French cuisine, taste some deserts in French bakeries, and indulge in shopping close to White Town, a famous colony in the heart of Pondicherry.

    Two days of this action-packed schedule will make us taste all the major attractions of Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram. We will pack a bunch of sweet memories as we head back home towards Hyderabad.

    Highlights of the Pondicherry Trip:

    • Experience Pondy by Scooters
    • The French Colony exploration
    • Paradise Beach
    • Promenade (Rock Beach) Sunrise
    • Pondicherry Lighthouse
    • Museum, Aurobindo ashram
    • Auroville visit
    • Saturday Night Party at our Stay
    • Mahabalipuram (UNESCO World Heritage site) visit

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    1. Day 0 Schedule
      • Start from Hyderabad in the evening, an overnight journey to Chennai
    2. Day 1 Schedule
      • Freshen up at a local restaurant (no shower at this point), have Breakfast
      • Hop onto local Public Transport Bus on a beautiful journey of 1.5 hours on East Coast Road to Mahabalipuram.
      • Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mahabalipuram, it’s beautiful architecture and wonders like Krishna’s butterball.
      • Reach our guest house, take a shower, and have Lunch.
      • Head to the lighthouse of Pondicherry that clearly portrays the Beaches, French colony, and other parts of Pondicherry from the altitude of 100 ft tower. Viewing the town from the tallest tower will give you a memorable experience.
      • Drive to the French colony, experience the culture, visit the monuments, museum, and Aurobindo Ashram.
      • Drive back to the guest house, refresh
      • Get set for the in-house party, with delicious ordered Dinner, try Pizzas, Pastas, etc!
    3. Day 2 Schedule
      • Wake up call at 5 AM. Enjoy the refreshing morning vibes at the Promenade beach, take a stroll looking at a peaceful sunrise.
      • Head straight to paradise beach, play in the water.
      • Come back to the guest house, freshen up, have Breakfast.
      • Explore Serenity Beach, take lots of selfies.
      • Visit Auroville village, the golden globe from outside, pose for pictures.
      • Drop our bikes off early in the evening.
      • Say “Au revoir” (goodbye) to Pondicherry and take a local Bus towards Chennai.
      • Board Hyderabad Bus around 10 PM with lots of memories.
    4. Day 3 Schedule
      • Reach home in the morning.
      • Share your experience of a weekend trip to Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram with your friends and colleagues.
    5. Seasonal variations: ...
      • Sept to Feb: Pondicherry has a pleasant climate after monsoons until the beginning of summer. Peak season comes towards the end of the year. Note that there will be seasonal cyclones in the Bay of Bengal a couple of weekends towards Oct/Nov which we cannot predict in advance. Based on the weather forecast at that time, we may have to cancel a trip or two in those months.
      • June to Aug: Monsoon months are a good time to visit Pondicherry for a leisurely trip. But getting in the Sea would be risky because of the high tide.
      • Mar to May: It gets hot and humid in the summer months. There are other better places to travel in these months from Hyderabad like Coorg, Chikmagalur, etc
    6. What's next after booking your trip: ...
      • A Whatsapp group will be created for all the registered folks night before the trip.
      • You may say hi to other travelers and get prepared for the trip.
      • We will set expectations about the trip, remind you of important Terms & Conditions.
    Generic Details

    Things to carry for Pondicherry Trip:

    • Toiletries, moisturizer, light towel, lip balm, wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, 
    • A lightweight large Backpack for the trip (no suitcase, no trolley)
    • Photo identity proof with address (Aadhar/Passport/Voter ID)
    • Cap/Hat (to avoid getting tanned)
    • Sunglasses (to keep your eyes fresh)
    • Power bank, charger, camera (if you wish to)
    • Proper water bottle for your trip.
    • Disposable garbage covers (to separate used/unused, dry/wet clothes)
    • Your personal medications, if any
    • Pair of water wear to take a dip in the Beach
    • Carrying a handwash/sanitizer/tissues will help during the trip
    • Carry a lil bit of cash for food, shopping, and misc. expenses
    • Don’t carry expensive items. You are responsible for your own belongings.
    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
    Pondicherry Package InclusionsItems that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • Stay at our guesthouse (separate room for each gender, clean bathrooms)
    • Travel everywhere (AC semi sleeper, Public Buses, Scooters with Petrol)
    • Experience all places mentioned in the Highlights
    • Entry tickets everywhere
    • Trip Leader
    • A lot of entertainment !!
    Pondicherry Package ExclusionsItems that are excluded in the cost of tour price.
    • Food
    • Any misc. expenses not mentioned in the inclusions above
    • No Luxury. We assure awesome memories every trip, but not awesome facilities.
    • We provide basic facilities in terms of food, travel, and stay.
    • The itinerary is fixed. No special requests to change itinerary/schedule are permitted. Do not give advice(s) to the Organizer.
    • Absolutely no littering. We swear to protect our environment.
    • No alcohol & smoking during travel, treks, and other outdoor activities. There would be a separate window and space (usually at night) to have these at the campsite/homestay for interested people.
    • Cooperate with the organizer(s) in following the schedule set for the day (especially getting up and getting ready in the morning). This will ensure travelers won’t miss out on the real fun part that is traveling.
    • Every traveler is responsible for his/her for your own safety. Don’t indulge in any illegal or silly activity that causes harm to you or fellow travelers.
    • Do not wander into the forest away from the designated trail for trekkers. There may be snakes, scorpions, and other dangerous animals.
    • Unexpected situations: It may happen we do not cover all the places mentioned in the itinerary because of unpredictable reasons like bad weather, landslides, wild animal presence, abrupt blocking of sites by the police/forest department, delay in travel because of an issue with our group itself, traffic conditions, etc. In most cases, if the time permits, the organizer(s) will take travelers to an alternative place. But in some cases, we may have to skip a place altogether.
    • The event will stand canceled if less than 8 travelers signed up for the trip/trek.
    • Travelers are expected to respect each other and help each other. Avoid discussing sensitive matters like sex, politics, and religion/caste/race.
    • Using foul or abusive language, eve-teasing, arguing with fellow travelers/organizer(s), and/or involving in the physical assault will not be accepted and will stand a chance of being deserted by the group then and there.
    • Every traveler is expected to sign a liability/waiver form given by the organizer(s) after boarding the vehicle. This liability form will discharge Muddie Trails of any unexpected incident like injury/death/theft etc. Read it here.
    • 50% refund if a cancellation request is sent before 48 hours of the trip start time (note that this trip involves point to point Bus booking)
    • No refund if a cancellation request is sent within 48 hours of the trip start time, whatever be the reason (health, family, work issues, accident, etc.)
    • No refund during or after the trip, whatever be the reason.
    • No refund on the partial payment done to block your seat for the trip.
    • 6 months of the year starting from September to February is the best time to travel to Pondicherry. This is the time we organize Pondicherry trips from Hyderabad usually.
    • The Sea is disturbed during Monsoons (Jun to Aug), and Summers (Mar to May) are too hot and humid. Better to avoid traveling to Pondicherry in these months.

    Read the detailed Terms and Conditions here.

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