Corona Virus: World of Travel after a pandemic

Most people look at Travel as a luxury commodity. But real travelers like us believe it is a fundamental necessity. Isn’t it? Spending days and months together in a locked-up environment has put a mental scar that can only be erased by meeting new people, by going on long drives, by looking at vast expanses of sky, by staring at the endless ocean, by breathing freshest air, and by witnessing lush green hills or snow-capped mountains. There is an unprecedented urge to travel when the shackles of quarantine are finally released. It’s natural we seek solace in the lap of mother nature. We deserve it every bit.

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Post corona though, the travel world is set to change its colors. At least in the next few months before the world comes up with a defense in some form. It could be a vaccine or a drug. Until then it is essential to follow certain guidelines related to social distancing and change our on-board or social behavior. It might look difficult at first glance. Yes, it is indeed challenging for both travelers and trip organizers but certainly not impossible. If there is a will to travel, we shall find a way to travel.

Travel involves multiple stakeholders like the travelers themselves, the tour organizers, drivers, homestays, local guides, cooks, helpers, and so on. It’s leisure for few, need for a few more and a lifeline for a few others. Here’s how everybody can come together and make a difference when we resume our travel:

Responsible travelers:

  • Always wear a good quality face mask when outdoors. It is proven that micro-particles generated while speaking can transmit the disease. Do not go too close when talking to strangers.
  • Keep a hand sanitizer where you can access it easily, maybe tuck it in your backpack side-pockets. Use it whenever you touch common objects like vehicle door handles or window shields.
  • Carry your own blanket or neck pillow, especially during night journeys. Avoid sharing food or snacks on board.
  • Make sure you have no COVID-19 symptoms on the day of travel. If in doubt, contact your doctor and/or travel organizers immediately.
  • When you feel a sensation for a cough or sneeze, do it into your elbow instead of hands. This is especially useful while eating or taking a dip in sea or waterfalls.

Responsible travel organizers:

  • Follow all SOPs set by the government and experts for the tourism industry.
  • Do not allow people who show COVID symptoms on board, unless they are certified negative by approved methods. For instance: Arogya Setu app. 
  • Provide liquid soap for hand wash after food or any other activities.
  • Take manageable numbers on-board so that maintaining social distancing measures is possible during the journey and stay.
  • Give utmost importance to cleanliness and hygiene at the homestays and campsites. Provide things like fresh blankets or sleeping bags, washed tents or rooms, well-maintained washrooms, etc.
  • Make sure workers, helpers, and cooks of homestays are clear of the corona.
  • Ensure the trip leader(s), trek leader(s), or guides are healthy and in high spirits.

Responsible everyone:

  • Do not panic just because someone is sneezing or coughing during our trip. It could just be a common cold or some irritation.
  • Forgive each other when minor mistakes happen in terms of social behavior. After all, we all take time to learn new etiquette.
  • Do not doubt each other or your organizers in every aspect. Please understand that everybody is working hard in their own way to make things comfortable. 
  • Believe that your co-travelers are clean and completely harmless. Tell this to your brain often. But at the same time, follow your hygiene norms.
  • Again, do not panic for anything. Fear can lead us into a sudden sprout of anger and bring such negative reactions. 
  • Realize that most problems are in our brain, not in the real world.

Never before our itching for travel is this strong. Just like we are moving on with other basic needs like going for work, dining out, working out at gyms, shopping at supermarkets, or visiting malls, we will also go about traveling. We will again pose for those trademark photographs on roads, beaches and scenic backgrounds. We will again climb up those rugged mountain slopes. We will again wander into the creaking woods. We will again walk barefoot on the soft sand. We will again go camping. We will again lie under clear night skies and try to count those countless stars. And yes, when we spot that shooting star, we will make a wish that the world shall never see such a crisis again.

Together, we will pledge to take the utmost care of each other on our travel.
The world is waiting. 
Game on!


~ Muddie Trails